I was born in Leningrad in an artistic family.

  I've remembered conversations about art at home

  since my early childhood. My grandfather and

  father were both artists.

  Colors have always attracted me.

   I remember grandfather presenting me 

  with a set of thick Chinese markers . 

  The first picture I made was of a large red 

  car on the bright blue background. 

    After that I began a series of 200 drawings 

   of the life story of my favorite toy.

   I worked on collages from 

   colored paper as well.

   My grandfather, Renat Fridman, was my

   main mentor for most of my life .

  The time of studying at the Art College of N. Roerich,

  and after that at the Academy of Arts was full of

  meetings with various interesting and talented art
  teachers. I still keep in touch with many of them

  and they are still very important to me.

                                 After graduating from the Academy

                                 I came back to the college as a teacher

                                 of painting and  composition.

                                 I taught a group of students from the

                                 painting department from the start until 

                                 the defense of their diploma works.

                                 I became a member of the

                                 Art Union of Russia.   

                  My paintings have been on  many group exhibitions.  

                  I have also organized a few personal exhibitions.

                  Since 2014 I  participated in exhibitions in San Diego

                  and Los Angeles,USA. I also was working on

                  commercial works, mostly portraits and still lifes,

                 and as a teacher of painting and drawing for 

                 children and adults.  Being exposed to a new culture

                 I was inspired to try new directions in my paintings.

 Art is a very important part of
 my life. I am equally interested

 in portraits, still lifes,   
 landscapes, and interiors.

  I think that for the artist it is very important

  to reproduce a purely personal view of the

  surrounding world.  It is the hardest and

 the most interesting thing about our work.


       Agabekova Varvara Alexandrovna

       Was born in 1983 in Leningrad.

       1997-2003-Studied at the Art college of

       N.K.Roerich (Studio of A.N.Ponomarev)

       2005- Began studies at the Saint-Petersburg Academy

       of Fine Arts at the studio led by professor V.V.Zagonek.

       Twice received the medal  "For the success in studying" .


   In 2011 graduated from the Academy with highest

   honors and commendation of the State

   Certificate Committee.

   Diploma work "On Pinega river"

   2012-member of the Union of Artists

  of Russia. Permanent participant of the exhibitions.

  2012-Personal exhibitions at the museum of

  I.Brodsky and at the exhibition hall of the Union

  of Artists.

  2013-teacher of painting and drawing at "Giotto"

  art school .



  2014- I have been taking part in the exhibitions in San

  Diego and Los Angeles, also in 2016 at the exhibition

  of French, Russian and American artists "Realism

  without borders"

  2016  Personal exhibition at "Giotto" school .

  2017  "Far from the large cities" exhibition at the Union

  of Artists together with L.Logun and A.Sosenskaya

   2019-I was participating in the international plain air

  and the exhibition in Pietramelara, Italy.

   2021- I have been taking part in exhibition in

  Rockville,the USA.




2021-2022- have been taking part in exhibitions in Rockville, Maryland and Blue Hill, Maine.

In 2022 she had a solo exhibition at St. Francis Episcopal Church, Great Falls ,VA, «Yellow Barn» studio and gallery, MD, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC.


Since 2022-2023 - teaching in “Princeton Academy of Art”, NJ,

“Blue Ridge school” in Orange, VA and in “Bridgewiev school” in new York, NY.

August 2023- Personal exhibition at «Surry Arts at the Barn», Surry, Maine

One of the featured artists at “Roux & Cyr Gallery” in Portland, Maine.

Artworks are in private collections in Russia, the USA,

  France, Spain, Australia.


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